Welcome to my website! My name is Jennifer Boksman, but you can call me Jennifer. I have been a photographer for 20 years. It is not quite what I started out to do or be when I grew up, but what does a 10-year-old kid know? Besides, life changes, as do one's passions and you either roll with it or miss out.

I have always been an 'artsy' kid. My art teacher taught me the fundamentals of art and how to implement them during my high school career. She taught me to express my thoughts on whatever medium I chose. Before high school, I had another art teacher. This one had no formal training or a degree in art history: my mom. She allowed me to paint on my dresser, my bedroom walls and then expand to the walls of the family bathroom. Paint was very accessible at our house.

Photography started when my first big trip happened. I was 13 years old, heading to Daytona Beach to see my grandparents. I wanted to document my fun and the cool things I saw. I used a Kodak 110 camera to do it. After that trip I decided to see the world and photograph it as I went.

Sometime in my career (early), I became involved with the Lindsay Art Gallery. I was the 'acting' curator for two years. Me, who had no experience and was as 'green' as grass. The experience was incredible and added to my education as an artist.

I pursued other avenues of photography to help finance my love of travel photography. I started with weddings. Yikes! A really tough gig. Twenty years later I have photographed over 200 weddings, 300 babies and kids, 200 family portraits, numerous commercial shoots and parts of 27 countries.

I have participated in and won awards for my work at numerous photo festivals and juried shows. I have shown 3 exhibits at the Lindsay Art Gallery with two other photographers. My work is hanging in Tortola, Denver, Iceland, Vancouver and hopefully soon in your home. My "claim to fame"...not one of my photos is digitally enhanced in any way. They are only cropped for ultimate composition. Please wander through my website. Whether you like some photos or not, I do thank you for at least looking. There is satisfaction in knowing that at least I evoked some feeling from you.

Many thanks,


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$15.00 per print
For maximum quality, photographs should not be printed any larger than 16" X 20".
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